Top 10 Leading Energy Solution Companies to Watch in 2023

We are amid an energy transition where the prime focus is renewable and clean energy. The ongoing Ukraine crisis and the rise of fuel and other energy resources spiraled the world into an unprecedented commodity and energy shock. It has beckoned us to look beyond traditional energy systems. The acceleration towards low-carbon energy systems continues to draw global attention, thus pointing towards a rapidly changing energy landscape.

Industries such as power, oil and gas, mining, steel, chemicals, and manufacturing are moving towards rapid adaptation of clean energy resources. The current crisis with fossil-fuel-based energy systems is quite alarming, and we must look for ways to transition to renewables and clean energy tech at the earliest. As per reports, Iceland has the largest renewable energy share in Total Final Energy Consumption.

More than 135 countries aim for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, covering nearly 86% of global emissions. But the Covid aftershocks still prevail, making industries take a relook at their energy spending and utilization of renewable energy resources. Our dependence on fossil fuels has increased tremendously, reaching a zenith of consumption. As per IEA, Renewable energy has great potential to reduce prices and dependence on fossil fuels, but there must be competitiveness in harnessing the benefits of renewable and clean energy resources.

The Asia Pacific region has the highest energy consumption compared to any other region. The reasons could be several, such as high population, dense industrial development, and the rebound of the pandemic-led world for nearly two years. Approx. $366 billion was infused in renewables in 2021, and the number will rise steadily over the next couple of years.

Amid all the chaos, a few companies have sought to change how energy is expended, consumed, and generated. They have led the way for several industries and countries to work towards energy conservation via new clean energy alternatives consciously. Biogas, wind, water, and solar energy form the basis of harnessing clean energy.

In this special issue of CIOInsights, we present a wide point of view of some of the leading energy companies, Founders, and CXOs, globally. They address the nuances of energy consumption and how their companies and initiatives have impacted the economy, knowing there is scope to grow tremendously. We hope you enjoy this elaborate content as much as we enjoyed curating it for you.

AES Corporation

Andrés Gluski - CEO

At AES, we partner with our organizations from industries of every kind, across all markets, and at every stage of development, and we’ve been doing it for decades. We know that every organization is at a unique place in its energy journey. A one-size fits all approach using outdated technology isn’t going to cut it.

Apex Clean Energy

Mark Goodwin - President and CEO

Apex Clean Energy was founded with a singular focus: to accelerate the shift to clean energy. Through origination, construction, and operation of utility-scale wind, solar, and storage facilities, distributed energy resources, and green fuel technologies, Apex is expanding the renewable frontier across North America.


Ziv Rozenblum - CEO

Ekotrope offers innovative cloud-based software and solutions in the residential energy efficiency space. We work with builders, building product manufacturers, energy consultants, and utilities of all shapes and sizes, helping them design and sell energy-efficient homes and products.


Sebastian-Justus Schmidt - CEO

Enapter is a rapidly-growing energy technology company based in Pisa, Italy with offices in Germany and Thailand. We develop and produce Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) electrolyzers for green hydrogen production from water and renewable electricity, enabling low-cost green hydrogen production at any scale.


Martin Boulay - CEO

Ganex drives growth. Our mission is to help clients from Solar and wind energy, water & Wastewater, and Industrial sectors to optimize their production, protect their assets and reduce their costs. Ganex invests in outstanding people of diverse backgrounds and talents and empowers them to achieve more than they could elsewhere.

Guzman Energy

Christopher A. Miller - President

Guzman Energy is a wholesale power provider dedicated to communities in search of affordable and reliable energy. We partner with cooperatives, municipalities, companies and tribes across North America to customize energy portfolios that make economic and environmental sense for today and tomorrow.


Hans-Christian Schulze - CEO

IOWN Renewable Energy Inc. develops renewable energy projects from infancy to feasibility. We strive to be the leading team in the development, engineering, procurement, finance, construction, and selling of top-tier renewable energy assets.

Jericho Energy Venture

Brian Williamson - CEO

Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. is a Canada-based energy company. The Company is focused on owning, operating and developing both traditional hydrocarbon joint venture (JV) assets and advancing the low-carbon energy transition, with active investments in hydrogen


Chris Kemper - CEO

Palmetto is committed to the creation of a distributed, decentralized energy source we call The New Utility, which will replace the fossil-fueled, centralized energy model of The Old Utility. We are working towards this democratization of energy by putting power and control back in the hands of consumers and inspiring them to make environmentally responsible choices.

Upstart Power

Paul Osenar - CEO

Upstart Power designs and produces market disruptive solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) generators that are dependable, sustainable, carbon efficient, and virtually silent for Residential and Industrial applications. The Upgen™ Power system from Upstart Power works collaboratively with intermittent renewable sources like solar and battery storage and will ‘cycle on’ when other sources are unavailable, providing 24-7-365, long-duration backup power generation.