Top 10 Best Data Security Companies to Watch in 2023

This edition focuses on the evolving landscape of data security, providing insights, strategies, and best practices to help organizations navigate potential threats. From emerging cyber threats to compliance requirements, our articles cover a wide range of topics to equip readers with the knowledge needed to protect their valuable data.

We delve into the latest trends and techniques employed by cybercriminals, highlighting the importance of proactive security measures in combating evolving threats. Additionally, we address the compliance landscape, emphasizing best practices for ensuring data privacy while meeting regulatory obligations.
Technological advancements play a crucial role in data security, and we highlight innovative security technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and encryption. These solutions can fortify an organization's defense against cyber threats and enhance overall data protection.

However, data security is not solely a technological challenge. We also explore the significance of building a security-centric culture within organizations. By fostering employee awareness, implementing effective security policies, and establishing robust incident response plans, organizations can strengthen their defense against security breaches.
In this edition of CIOInsights, we aim to empower our readers with the knowledge and insights needed to bolster their organization's data security practices. By adopting a proactive stance, embracing innovative technologies, and cultivating a culture of security, organizations can mitigate risks and safeguard their valuable data assets.

Thank you for joining us on this important journey toward data security excellence. We hope the articles in this edition provide you with valuable knowledge and actionable guidance to navigate the evolving landscape of data security.


Dimitri Sirota - CEO BigID provides a data privacy and protection platform that helps organizations identify, classify, and protect sensitive data. Their solution leverages machine learning and identity intelligence to assist with data privacy compliance and minimize the risk of data breaches.


Nat Kausik - CEO Bitglass provides a cloud access security broker (CASB) platform that helps organizations protect their data as it moves between cloud applications and devices. Their solution offers real-time visibility, data loss prevention, and comprehensive security controls.


Lior Div - CEO Cybereason provides a cybersecurity platform that offers advanced threat hunting, detection, and response capabilities. Their solution uses behavioral analytics and machine learning to detect and respond to complex cyber threats.


Rob Scott - CEO Cygilant offers a security operations center (SOC)-as-a-service platform that provides continuous monitoring, threat detection, and response capabilities. Their solution combines technology with human expertise to deliver comprehensive security services.


Poppy Gustafsson - CEO Darktrace specializes in AI-powered cybersecurity solutions that detect and respond to emerging cyber threats in real-time. Their platform uses machine learning and behavioral analytics to autonomously identify and neutralize sophisticated cyber attacks.


Dan Hubbard - CEO Lacework offers cloud security and compliance solutions that enable organizations to secure their cloud environments. Their platform uses machine learning to automatically detect threats and anomalies, providing real-time visibility and protection.

Secure Content Technologies

Karen Greer - CEO Secure Content Technologies specializes in data-centric security solutions. Their platform helps organizations protect sensitive data by providing comprehensive access control, monitoring, and anonymization capabilities.


Tomer Weingarten - CEO SentinelOne is an endpoint security platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide advanced threat detection and response capabilities. Their solution helps organizations protect against malware, ransomware, and other endpoint threats.


Peter McKay - CEO

Snyk specializes in developer-first security solutions that help organizations identify and fix vulnerabilities in open-source libraries and containers. Their platform integrates security into the software development lifecycle, enabling proactive vulnerability management.


Tim Sadler - CEO Tessian focuses on preventing human error-based data breaches by providing intelligent email security solutions. Their platform uses machine learning to analyze email communication patterns and detect potential security risks in real-time.