Top 10 Fastest Growing Telecom companies to watch in 2022

As the telecom technology industry inches toward new opportunities, companies are struggling to overcome their existing challenges pertaining to the dynamic regulatory and competitive landscape. Since we have dialled into the 5G era, the concerns encircling cybersecurity are turning more prominent. That’s what makes the telecom technology industry an interesting space to look at.

During the pandemic, the reliance on Internet connectivity to stay connected grew steadily, leading to the adoption of more-committed and long-lasting plans. Add to that, the work-from-home setup and the players operating in the telecom technology industry optimized the opportunity to their benefit. Mergers, acquisitions, and collaborations with OTT platforms became the stepping stone to converting more sales.

Besides this, the responsibility to enhance the network capacity is also impending. Overall, it will be fair to say that telecom technology was spared from the darker consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, unlike the other sectors. In fact, the pandemic unlocked new horizons of growth for the industry with added value.

In recent times, the telecom technology industry is upholding its mission to seat as many end users as possible. Hence, we see an acute rise in wireless and fibre optics network deployments. Well, this is just the beginning of the fierce competition that awaits as the potential to offer better services at competitive prices surges. Faster and fixed wireless connections are the most viable substitutes for wired connections. New opportunities await as companies are exploring bundled service offerings. With growing options for better Internet services and high-quality communication, consumers look at and compare for better consuming services and flexibility in purchasing.

Another prominent trend is the paradigm transition to a more decentralized broadband infrastructure funding from the government. The government programs are being dedicated to the expansion and improvement of the telecom infrastructure alongside services, which were conventionally being under the realms of the federal authorities. This shift will continue to drive the adoption as well as broadband deployment.

The telecom industry, in turn, will witness a renewed interest in multi-access edge computing as well as private cellular networks. The revolution in the telecom technology industry will not only be driven by consumers but also enterprises. Enterprises are moving past the public cellular network toward the public cellular network, which is empowering the network operators to compete based on the delivery and quality of their solutions.

In the coming years, it will be interesting to see how players operating in the telecom technology industry assess and address cybersecurity concerns as it is the foundation to build the pillars for the penetration of the 5G technology.

Allied Telecom Group

Ken Williams - CEO

Allied has garnered a reputation as a trusted communications service partner with timely implementations, technical competency, high availability and reliability of its services. By solving the last mile first, Allied brings the network core right to your office suite.

Blue Stream Fiber

Joe Canavan - CEO

Blue Stream Fiber is driving outsized growth by providing residential customers with the reliability, customer service, and ongoing support normally reserved for the biggest enterprise businesses. Our goal was to be the ISP that treats residential broadband as a critical service for consumers.

Ciao Telecom Inc.

Ricardo Barros - Co Founder

Ciao Telecom is a US and Brazilian telecommunications provider with its own data and IP based network and systems that offer innovative telecommunication and technology solutions. Ciao group is a global company composed of a variety of subsidiaries with diverse telecom products and services such as VoIP Cloud PBX for SMBs and enterprises, Turn-Key Wholesale services and MVNOs.

ITRS Group

Guy Warren - CEO

We offer peace of mind for the high-performing digital enterprise that is always on. Our vision and mission align to create resilience and efficiency for our customers with the ITRS Group's cutting-edge technology.

LANCK Telecom

Alexey Yanson - CEO

We understand the value of connectedness - our team brings together a multitude of cultures and languages. We are united in a desire to provide our partners with the highest standard in enterprise communication.

Momentum Telecom

Todd Zittrouer - CEO

Momentum Telecom is a global provider of cloud voice, managed network services, and unified communications solutions. Momentum empowers human connections through developing, streamlining, and integrating cloud voice and cloud-based applications in order to enable others to thrive.

Ridgeline Telecom

Justin Mata - CEO

Ridgeline Telecom in 2016 on the idea that honesty, commitment, and reliability should be at the forefront of our daily operations, and with a mission to provide the highest quality services with our clients best interests in mind

Telco Systems

Ariel Efrati - CEO

The world’s digital infrastructure is in the midst of a fundamental transformation that is re-shaping the Network technology realm, Telco Systems’ stands at the forefront of transformation with its flexible and scalable network edge and edge computing technologies.


Chris Beaty - CEO

Our mission is to help our customers “Fly Forward.” We do that by providing the expertise and innovative technology they need to assist with their IT necessities, so they can do what they do best

Windstream Communications

CEO - Tony Thomas
Windstream Holdings, Inc., also doing business as Windstream Communications or Windstream, is a provider of voice and data network communications, and managed services, to businesses in the United States.