Qualigy Tech

Top 10 Leading AWS Partners Companies To Watch In 2023


Qualigy Tech was born out of the love of professionals who wanted to use technology and innovation to solve customers’ problems. Their passion was driven by:

      the need of their customers and

      the advantages Quality Tech professionals could bring to their business

These dedicated professionals added value by offering end-to-end services and solutions, highly specialized skills, and expertise in next-generation technologies.

The extremely qualified team of professionals, including solutions architects, systems engineers, software engineers, and data scientists with multiple certifications, always strive to raise the bar and deliver the best products, services, and solutions.

Being customer-obsessed, dependable, and working toward the success of their clients, Qualigy Tech focuses on Digital Transformation, Data, and Analytics. It offers consulting services to enterprises in the Cloud Computing space.

The qualified team of Qualigy Tech understands that the business world is ever-changing and dynamic. The result is the solutions that cause minimal disruption to their client’s existing processes.

But that’s not all. Qualigy helps its customers with Strategy, Architecture, Design, and Development of Cloud-native applications. With extensive experience in designing and building AWS solutions, Qualigy Tech’s other area of focus is Cloud adoption and enablement.

Qualigy Tech, Ravi Tiyyagura, CTO, says, “Based on years of founders' experience leading large-scale cloud transformations, we have built qTOOLS, a Cloud Enablement Platform, which accelerates clients' cloud adoption and eases the transition pains. Customers starting this transformation face several challenges and struggle with laying a proper foundation. A concern we keep hearing from customers is the fear of losing control and visibility in two key areas 1) Security and 2) Cost.”

Customers in various industries are subjected to complex regulatory and compliance requirements. Reason: a mistake’s impact is magnified when tied to a Cloud adoption initiative. 

Cloud skillset and adopting best practices laid out by AWS will go a long way in reducing mistakes. However, when you are starting the journey with a limited skillset, augmenting with external tools coupled with native AWS services like Control Tower, Security Hub, and Guard Duty, among others, will help establish a solid security foundation for the organizations.

With extensive financial management needs, organizations require a different approach to cloud adoption. The variable nature of the cloud implies that enterprises must rethink how they do things that have become routine in traditional IT financial management.

Organizations should establish a process to trace costs back to individual teams or projects, whether that is charging back or showing back models, or simply establishing a regular process for reporting and monitoring costs.

Qualigy Tech tools like qTOOLS can accelerate cloud adoptions for its clients.

Qualigy Tech qTOOLS modules include

1.    qGov embodies ‘Trust but Verify’ by offering 75+ guardrails for Cloud Accounts for self-service for customers’ engineering teams. Account Vending Machine (AVM) will provision standardized cloud accounts.

2.    qSec automates 400+ security and compliance checks to identify and remediate misconfigurations.

3.    qFi enables customers to manage, predict, and optimize cloud spend.

4.    qOps offers paved paths for DevOps teams to reduce the learning curve for adoption and improve efficiencies simultaneously.


Regarding how Qualigy’s accelerators differ from Native services, Tiyyagura says that Qualigy Tech’s platform integrates and augments AWS native services like AWS Control Tower, AWS Organizations, Billing, and CloudTrail to enable Cloud Adoption for customers. qTOOLS can be customized for customers’ organizational needs and can help during all phases of cloud adoption maturity cycles with minimal cloud services knowledge.

Some of the most relevant value propositions include:

·       Governance-at-Scale, Compliance-as-Code, FinOps-for-Cloud

·       Leapfrog into Cloud Governance and Security automation using Qualigy Tech’s qTOOLS.

·       Access to source code and control over customization and extension of Qualigy Tech’s qTOOLS to meet organization requirements.

·       At a fraction of the cost compared to SaaS providers in this space.

·       Retain control over your organization's data, qTOOLS run in customers' accounts without needing external access.

Talking about the trends that are expected to impact Cloud Adoption in 2023 and how Qualigy Tech plans to leverage these trends and evolve, Tiyyagura says that lowering cloud costs while continuing to increase their adoption will be the focus for clients. Optimizing cloud costs will help clients do more with less. Clients are short of skilled resources who can do that. Qualigy Tech, with years of experience building cost-optimized cloud-native solutions, is well-equipped to help clients. Also, the qTOOLS qFi module helps customers identify wasted spend and reduce costs.

The next wave of cloud adoption includes clients who rely on external help and tools for their IT. They are not traditional builders, always looking for tools to help them with their needs. AWS is starting to realize it and building more end-to-end solution offerings instead of just lower-level services.

“qTOOLS " is one solution we can provide to customers, which is also on the AWS marketplace. Qualigy Tech offers external help for these customers to implement and customize the solution template provided by AWS or build to fit customers' needs starting from numerous reference architecture templates,” says Tiyyagura.

Similarly, low code and no code are starting to become mainstream. It reduces the manpower needed to build a solution, but clients will still need expert help to build integrations, address security best practices, and optimize applications for scale. Qualigy Tech experts provide that last-mile help even for clients who are on the low code/no code adoption curve.

The main challenge decision-makers of leading companies face is the sprawl of AWS services – especially in data and operations areas. There are several services that have a significant functionality overlap.

Clients starting the journey find it challenging to navigate the extensive portfolio of AWS services and pick the right services to build their applications.

IT executives may need help finding the right talent and skills to manage and maintain cloud environments, as cloud computing is a rapidly evolving field. It can be particularly challenging for organizations with limited resources. Qualigy Tech provides experts to help clients navigate this complex environment.

With recent AWS service enhancements, there have been growing concerns about vendor lock-in. CIOs and CTOs want to build vendor-agnostic solutions, especially for clients in the services industry. A specific aspect of vendor lock-in is inevitable, but clients are looking for ways to reduce that dependency. Qualigy Tech experts have significant experience in helping customers build vendor-neutral solutions when needed.

But that’s not all. Qualigy Tech advises clients on when it's ideal for spending that extra on being vendor-neutral vs. when they should consider going all in, adopting AWS native services to get the full benefit of the AWS ecosystem.

Ensuring the organization complies with relevant regulations and standards can be challenging regarding cloud computing. IT executives must consider how cloud services will be governed while ensuring the necessary policies, procedures, and controls are in place. qTOOLS automates this process at a low cost and effort to customers.

Elaborating on the statement – We add value by providing end-to-end services and solutions, highly specialized skills, and expertise in next-generation technologies – Tiyyagura says that by offering a comprehensive range of services and expertise in cutting-edge technologies, we help organizations streamline their IT transformation, increase efficiency, and drive innovation. It can also help organizations stay ahead by taking advantage of new technology trends and advancements. Additionally, having a team with highly specialized skills and expertise can help ensure that projects are delivered successfully, on time, and within budget.

Regarding case studies, Tiyyagura says there are different case studies for different solutions that Qualigy Tech offers. A few examples include – Cloud Governance Automation, Re-Platform to Modern Applications on Cloud, Containerization, Enterprise Data Lake, IIoT Factory Maintenance Predictive Analytics, Sense and Response Bot, and Secrets Management for Enterprise.

Qualigy Tech stands for two things – Laser-sharp focus on helping clients with Cloud Adoption and Thought Leadership.

Laser focus on helping clients with Cloud Adoption: Specializing in Cloud Computing. “We believe in commitment, innovation, and quality. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and client satisfaction is the cornerstone of Qualigy Tech. Through our leading-edge processes and technologies, we strive to deliver exemplary services on time while continuously improving our offering in line with client needs. We are proud to have developed strong relationships with existing and new clients who appreciate our dedication to excellence in every step of their technology transformation journey,” says Tiyyagura.

Their focus on innovation has enabled them to keep up with the latest evolutions in the sector and provide added value for their clients. They remain dedicated to serving each client as best they can and invest significant resources in quality assurance to meet the highest standards.

Thought leadership: By demonstrating expertise and thought leadership in the areas of Cloud Computing, Data, and Analytics space along with innovation, they have become trusted advisors to their clients. They build relationships with client IT and Business leaders to understand their business needs. Qualigy Tech invests its time in building prototypes and POC to showcase solutions using emerging technologies and innovation to solve clients' business problems.

By Collaborating with other technology companies and vendors, Qualigy Tech offers a more comprehensive range of services and provides a competitive edge in the market.

In terms of distinct features that can give IT consulting companies a competitive edge, some of the critical factors to consider include the quality of the services offered, the level of expertise and specialization, the responsiveness and customer service, the reputation and track record of the company, and the level of innovation and differentiation. By focusing on these critical areas, IT consulting companies can set themselves apart from their competitors and establish themselves as leaders in the market.

The future is bright and promising for Qualigy Tech, as they are highly committed and driven to offer solutions that are backed by clients’ business needs, improve the performance of the client’s services, and help them meet their business goals.

It may or may not be a fascinating insight, but working with Qualigy Tech has numerous advantages. An industry leader that is committed to providing dedicated services to its customers, Qualigy Tech’s mission is to create value-adding partnerships with its clients and enhance the customer experience of their clients.

The four major advantages of working with Qualigy Tech are:

1.    They are client-focused.

2.    They are all for innovation and are always looking for innovative solutions.

3.    They are quality conscious and strive to deliver top-most quality every time.

4.    They are passionate about the work they do.

In a nutshell, Qualigy Tech gives due importance to clients; all its services and offerings are client-focused. But other than that, Qualigy Tech, with its innovative technology, quality services and products, and passion for being the best in the industry, offers seamless services to help its clients succeed in this connected world.

“With our solutions, you can unlock your potential and reach new heights! Let Qualigy Tech power your success today,” says Tiyyagura.