What you need to know about contact center services in 2022


1. Trends for contact center services

#1. Omnichannel Support
Omni-channel support becomes much more important to call center success as consumers become accustomed to communicating usinseveral different methods. Some customers like to get answers to their questions over the phone. Some people prefer text-based communication such as email, text, and live chat. Despite consumer preferences, the problem can be very complex and difficult to solve without video or screen sharing.In any case, if you want to provide the best possible customer experience, you need to be prepared to meet them where they are. You probably also know the power to keep information about your customer’s case. We are all on the other side of the customer service phone and know how frustrating it is to tell the same story over and over again.

#2. Social Media, be proactive with data, chatbot
The use of different types of chatbots has become more and more popular in recent years, and this technology is becoming a consumer expectation and business need for good reason. Overall, customers prefer to deal with the problem themselves as much as possible. Chatbots help speed up customer service by providing a practical way to guide consumers to self-service solutions that don’t require the help of call center agents. In addition, a well-designed chatbot can do a great job of gathering information before a call is made. This method helps to provide a better customer experience by streamlining the process of answering questions or purchasing products. The benefits also apply internally. Agents often ask simple questions that chatbots can answer as thoroughly as managers.
For more complex questions and expert answers, personal interaction remains the most ideal.

#3. Cloud Migration & AI Support
Customers value the quality of your customer service very much. 95% of people cite customer service as a determinant of their decision to be loyal to their brand. The majority of consumers move their business elsewhere after just one negative customer service experience. AI can also help reduce extra work with automated call summaries that capture action items and other important snippets. Referencing the information provided on previous phone calls is an important element of top-quality customer service, and AI makes this possible at a glance.

#4. New technology for the contact center – Intelligent interactive voice response (IVR)
Interactive voice response technology (IVR) has existed since the 1970s, but new advances in speech recognition have been made to improve the quality of customer service, primarily when used in combination with chatbots and AI. Tools are becoming more and more important. Unlike traditional IVR, the new IVR technology in contact centers can address the growing customer interest in voice search tools, digital CSA, and automated self-service. There are two overall implications of following this trend in the adoption of contact center technology. IVR is also a very effective tool for customer journey mapping, as it allows companies to create logic-based procedures in line with their brand goals.

#5. Advanced data analysis
By 2020, 40% of all data analytics projects will focus on the quality of customer service. This is because data analysis helps contact center operations managers drive growth, improve efficiency, and improve center ROI. Although not a new concept, advanced data analytics (and all data points and tools involved in data collection) give businesses new opportunities to leverage data to better understand, deliver, and sell their customers. Contact center data analytics technology continues to be an integral part of any other technology your company employs. This explains why the majority of contact center operations managers cite advanced analytics technology as a top priority for future development.

#6. Human interaction
The digitization of the customer experience has improved agent and customer satisfaction such as 24/7 support, faster resolutions, a more intuitive and personalized experience. Though, customers continue to value humanity. Not only can bots quickly record customer complaints and analyze possible responses, but they can also quickly scale at a lower cost than personnel. This means you can answer more calls quickly. However, if consumers don’t like interacting with bots, increasing bots may not be the answer. AI and automated services allow customers to solve their own problems, allowing agents to focus more and more on interacting with customers who need expertise, advice, and empathy that only humans can provide.
Artificial intelligence can only interact with a human until a certain point. AI does not pick up on all the subtle cues of human emotion. That’s when a well-trained agent comes into the picture. Bots don’t yet have the ability to fully assess a client’s issues, relate to customers, and diffuse a situation when needed. Skilled agents and human interaction are still a must to deliver personalized and well-crafted customer service that WOWs.

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