The future of Pharma: 5 Things that will change the Pharmaceutical Industry......


The world is changing and so the Pharmaceutical market is!

  • The Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most strict and regulated markets,because the entire industry is built on procedures and "Double-checks" to guarantee "Safe medicines".
  • We are at the start of some significant changes in Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Following are the 5 things that will change the Pharma market in next 10 years....

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • AI is becoming increasingly pivotal in healthcare.
  • The use of AI technology enables healthcare professionals to analyze patterns in data sets to understand the implications, benefits, and success rates of new drugs before launching them into the market.

2. Big data & Analytics

  • The pharma industry requires high-performance systems to analyze the large volumes of data generated during the drug discovery and development process.
  • The advancement in analytical techniques is also turning historical and real-time data available with pharmaceutical companies into valuable assets for predictive, diagnostic, prescriptive, and descriptive analytics.

3. Blockchain

  • Blockchain technology is very significant for the pharmaceutical industry in every stage of the production and distribution of drugs.
  • Blockchain technology is also being explored to tackle the use of counterfeit medicines and substandard drugs that enter into the pharmaceutical supply chain and kill thousands of patients every year.

4. Digital Therapeutics

  • Digital therapeutics deliver therapeutic interventions using software to to prevent, manage, or treat physical, mental, and behavioral conditions.
  • Digital therapeutics let each individual have greater control over their health and outcomes.

5. Digital marketing

  • The digital revolution has changed nearly all markets worldwide.
  • Pharma companies have always focused on sales, exhibitions, advertising in magazines, and their distribution network. 
  • Pharma companies have started to take online marketing seriously and have caught up on their online visibility within their pharma organizations.

The future of pharma is digital, and companies will invest to reach their audience onlin