Assured Logistics Summit 2023


We are thrilled to announce that CIOInsights is the official media partner of the 2nd Annual Assured Logistics Summit 2023! This summit will bring together senior level experts to discuss strategic initiatives towards facilitating responsive, flexible, and sustained supply chain and logistics operations to remain in stride with Warfighting demands.

The 2023 summit will delve into how defense agencies and Military services are enhancing the resiliency, efficiency, and security of supply chain and logistics infrastructure amid a challenging global threat environment. Join us for this important discussion on the efforts to supply persistent logistics in unpredictable operational environments, address the challenges of transporting materials, equipment, and people in an era of Strategic Competition, provide crucial supply and sustainment support to partners and allies, leverage data and technological capabilities to enhance sustainment and supply chain functions, and partner with industry, federal agencies, and global partners to ensure the sustainability and survivability of the defense supply chain.

Stay tuned for more updates on the 2023 Assured Logistics Summit and join us in this in-depth discussion on the future of supply chain and logistics operations in the defense industry.

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