Accelerating the Power of Intel: A Journey Towards Seamless Partner Solutions


I’m thrilled to share Intel’s newest initiative: Accelerated by Intel®! As some of you may know, we introduced Intel Accelerated® during AWS re:Invent 2022. Our partners reciprocated our excitement and were quick to learn how they could get involved. This is your chance to learn more about what it means to be Accelerated by Intel® and how you can be a part of this incredible journey.

 Accelerating Business Outcomes

The foundation for Accelerated by Intel® was built by having conversations with you – our partners, to learn how we could strengthen our efforts in supporting your biggest requirements. Throughout our preliminary investigations, two things became clear. The first was that partners felt there were too many branded pathways for our solutions. The second, a missing holistic understanding of solutions initiatives.

After identifying areas of improvement, we set specific goals to enhance brand clarity and partner experience. The emphases included: streamlining solutions, putting partners at the forefront of our technology, and creating an equivalent of the “Intel Inside® Program” to build trust. In a nutshell, we’re making a concentrated effort to bridge our go-to-market strategies through this new initiative. What does it mean for partners to secure this new moniker? 

Solutions with the Accelerated by Intel® endorsement unlock the full potential of end-customer infrastructures through multi-faceted optimizations and security by design. Accelerated by Intel® solutions streamline and automate the adoption of built-in Intel Accelerators and technologies enabling innovation and efficient scale. 

In essence, we see the importance of making it known that Intel is not only inside the silicon that powers cloud instances, but we’re at the forefront of cloud marketplaces. Every partner will have confidence that branding themselves with Intel will differentiate them as a key player in cloud computing while simultaneously sending that message to their customers. 

Just how the “Intel Inside® Program” actively communicates that we’re here to stay in the hardware space, the badge of Accelerated by Intel® provides the perfect leg for our partners to declare that solutions have also been optimized from a software perspective.

Intel Accelerated for Partners

We’re grateful to say that we’re beginning to open our doors for partners to integrate Accelerated by Intel®! This endorsement is open to all members of the Intel Partner Alliance to apply and can be adopted by those who not only run on Intel silicon either on-prem or on the cloud, but have also been optimized on Intel architecture by leveraging one or more of Intel’s optimization tools, services, or features.

Additionally, this stamp of achievement indicates to the industry that you’re working with the latest and greatest Intel technology and that your hardware and software have been optimized. Plus, you can count on Intel’s continued partnership to generate maximum opportunities for growth.

Ready to Accelerate to New Heights? 

Some of your peers have begun to adopt the Accelerated by Intel® endorsement. They will experience the growth and continued evolution of this endorsement throughout 2023 and leverage the initiative to enhance their solution and transform their customer experience.

In building this initiative we worked with five members of the Intel Partner Alliance. F5PureStorageFortinetLightbits and Aible have integrated Intel Accelerated within their solutions and have actively requested the chance to share their experiences so far.

I’m incredibly excited about the opportunity to call on you to be an early adopter and get involved in Accelerated by Intel®. I truly believe that this is an excellent way to set yourself apart from others within the industry and provide your customers with the confidence that your solutions are Accelerated by Intel®.

It’s your turn to get involved. It’s time for you to accelerate your business to new heights.

Ready to learn more? Please reach out directly to Accelerated by Intel Requests