Top 10 Leading IBM Partners Companies to Watch in 2023

Welcome to this special edition of IBM Partners, dedicated to the dynamic realm of IBM Partnerships. In the following pages, we delve into the world of collaboration and innovation that defines IBM's journey and the impact it has on businesses and technology.

IBM's commitment to innovation is unquestionable, but what truly sets it apart is its extensive network of partners. These collaborations are the heartbeat of progress, uniting diverse talents and resources to address global challenges head-on.

This issue uncovers the stories of visionary minds and groundbreaking projects that have emerged from these partnerships. From cutting-edge AI applications to pioneering blockchain solutions, you'll witness firsthand the transformative power of teamwork.

Yet, it's not just about the technology. It's about the people behind it—the leaders, the teams, and the individuals who drive these innovations forward. We invite you to get to know them and understand their dedication to pushing boundaries.

Moreover, we take a closer look at the evolving landscape of technology partnerships, highlighting the opportunities and advantages of being an IBM Partner in today's ever-changing world.

As you read through these pages, we encourage you to contemplate the significance of collaboration. In a world that often emphasizes competition, it's through partnership that we achieve true greatness. Together, we can solve complex problems, create innovative solutions, and make a lasting impact on our world.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us, exploring the boundless potential that unfolds when individuals and organizations unite as IBM Partners.

Arrow Electronics

Sean Kerins - CEO

Arrow Electronics is a global technology solutions provider that collaborates with IBM to offer a wide range of hardware, software, and services to businesses across various industries.

Beehive System

 Vineet Shukla - CEO

Beehive Systems is a software solutions provider specializing in IBM Maximo Asset Management and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. They help organizations optimize asset performance and maintenance.


Jason Kingdon - CEO

Blue Prism is an automation software company that partners with IBM to deliver robotic process automation (RPA) solutions, enabling businesses to automate repetitive tasks and processes.


Eric Berridge - CEO Bluewolf, an IBM Company, is a global consulting agency that specializes in customer and employee experience. They leverage IBM technologies, including Salesforce and IBM Watson, to help businesses optimize their operations.

Evolving Solutions

Go Gebbie - President
Evolving Solutions is an IT consulting and services firm offering a range of technology solutions, including data center optimization, cloud computing, and storage management. They have expertise in IBM hardware and software.

Hayne Solutions

Nick Kenderdine - CEO Hayne Solutions specializes in financial and business performance management solutions, focusing on IBM Planning Analytics (formerly TM1) and other financial software products.

Miracle Software Solutions

Prasad Lokam - CEO
Miracle Software Solutions is an IT consulting and services company providing application development, integration, and management services. They have experience working with various IBM technologies.


Joe Berti - CEO

Oniqua, an IBM Company, offers asset performance management solutions powered by IBM Watson. They focus on helping companies in asset-intensive industries improve operational efficiency.

Persistent Systems

Sandeep Kalra - CEO

Persistent Systems is a technology services company offering software development, data, and cloud solutions. They partner with IBM to deliver innovative solutions in areas like AI, IoT, and blockchain.


Kevin Campbell - CEO Syniti is a data management and data migration company that helps organizations manage and transform their data. They collaborate with IBM to provide data quality and data governance solutions, often leveraging IBM's Info Sphere Information Server.