10 Most Innovative Material Science Companies to Watch in 2023

With global warming rising, industries must innovate to create a sustainable future. The environmental crisis has worsened over the past 50 years, but as the climate warms, the passionate scientists are constantly looking for better ways to fight against it. Fighting against it will require a combined effort from multi-disciplinary leaders, including social scientists, data analysts, policy-makers, and on-the-ground researchers. 

Finding cleaner sources of energy will pave the way for a sustainable future. For instance, we have biobutanol, a gasoline blend that is one of the market's most promising alternative fuel sources. Similarly, the surge in electric vehicles with Lithium-ion batteries and Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) is inching toward reducing carbon emissions. 

We are also seeing developments in the conversion of waste heat into energy. An effort is being introduced to build a device to convert residual waste heat into energy that will positively impact the climate and reduce greenhouse emissions. Materials sciences have become one of the fastest-growing sectors globally, with constant innovations and breakthroughs. A few areas of concentration of materials science is electronic materials, nanomaterials, polymetric materials, energy materials, surface science, and much more. 

As per a snippet from Markets and Markets, the global material informatics market is set to grow from USD 129 million in 2023 to USD 276 million by 2028 at a CAGR of 16.3%. This includes combined research and development activity in several fields, such as chemical and pharmaceutical, manufacturing, materials sciences, etc. With a clear distinction of building sustainability in metals, polymers, semiconductors, and ceramics, we see several companies investing heavily in research and development today. 

As always, we present to you the views and opinions of the leading companies and insights from renowned industry leaders who will shed their knowledge about the industry and how it is set to change in the future. CIO Insights strives to bring a unique edition with the best thought-provoking insights, trends, opinions, and information to help companies bring their products to the forefront and keep the readers wanting more. 

Bloom Biorenewables

Remy Buse - CEO
I am an experienced chemist & biochemist with a track record in the chemicals industry, the Swiss parliament, and startups. I am well connected to the European start-up community and eager to leverage my scientific, political, and entrepreneurial understanding to help the chemical industry meet its climate targets. With Bloom, I aim at developing and commercializing the most efficient routes for the synthesis of sustainable materials and fuels, with a strong focus on high-value applications such as flavors, fragrances, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.


Philip DeSimone - Co-Founder The Idea-to-Production Platform - Rapidly design, develop, and scale production of better products in less time with the Carbon platform. Integrated end-use materials, software, and 3D printers enable teams to accelerate bringing products to market — from idea to production.

CarbonCure Technologies

Robert Niven - CEO
CarbonCure Technologies is on a mission to make concrete a climate solution, reducing embodied carbon emissions in the built environment and transforming concrete plants into a worldwide network of carbon removal factories. Across the global concrete industry, CarbonCure is scaling an integrated decarbonization platform, offering concrete producers a suite of hardware, software, and services to reduce the carbon footprint of their concrete products, reduce their production costs and meet the surging demand for green building materials without compromising performance.


Charles Dimmler - CEO
Our Mission is to use the power of biotechnology to expand the palette of molecular building blocks for high-performance and sustainable materials. Our Vision is to be the most impactful 21st-century materials company by delivering unique, new technologies & materials into the hands of fabricators and designers, the makers that conceive the next generation of high-performance products.

Cirrus materiual Science

Glen Slater - CEO
Cirrus Materials Science is a niche eco-science spin-out from the University of Auckland, that provides patented technology to the global aerospace and electronics industry. High-tech manufacturers in North America and Europe seek to apply Cirrus nano-technology to overcome major cost, regulatory, and performance challenges in aerospace electronics.


Frank Cassou - CEO Cyclopure is a materials science and environmental engineering firm headquartered in Skokie, Illinois. The company has developed a novel adsorbent (tradename DEXSORB®) with high selectivity for diverse PFAS structures, regardless of chain length, structure, or functional group. DEXSORB is being commercialized for multiple PFAS-related uses, including (i) environmental monitoring, (ii) household filtration products, and (iii) municipal + industrial treatment systems.

General Graphene

Vig Sherrill - CEO General Graphene has been application agnostic since its inception, believing in the versatility of graphene to make an impact across a number of different industries. General Graphene leverages its understanding of graphene to provide deep-dive application development support to customers in a variety of industries.


Dr. Simon Thomas - CEO
Paragraf® is a technology company delivering game-changing, commercial quality, graphene-based electronic devices. Serving the sensor, energy, and semiconductor markets, Paragraf has developed graphene electronic devices and is now partnering with visionary companies seeking to take advantage of the unique properties of graphene.

Sila Nanotechnologies

Gene Berdichevsky - CEO
Our next-gen anode material is the first significant chemistry improvement to lithium-ion batteries to reach the market in 30 years. Our silicon anode material is a simple drop-in replacement to graphite and significantly boosts the energy density of lithium-ion batteries without compromising performance. Today, Sila science powers innovative consumer electronics. Tomorrow, it will fuel our EV future and the electrification of everything.


Yaron Shenhav - CEO SolCold has developed an innovative, patented, nano-technological material that cools everything under the sun, without any power consumption! The material uses sunlight and the sky for cooling and is most effective when it is very hot and the sun is strongest.